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Talent recruitment

Talents Concept

Seek Better Performance and Mutual Development
“Seek better performance and mutual development” is Desay’s concept of talents development.
Desay has established a learning and developing platform for all staff to  support staff’s career development and self-realization through learning organization system including training programs, internal learning and exchange seminars, coaching project, improvement activity undertaking, potential exploration and team building activities.     
Desay emphasizes on creating a fair, impartial and open environment for talent competition. Through open contest for job assignment, talent pool selection, performance appraisal and KPI management review, we are able to identify talents without consideration of seniority and provide opportunity for rapid growth and development.
We put emphasis on care and motivation of our employees in the aspects of life, health, safety, cultural needs, social life, emotion and self-realization so as to create a harmonious environment for our employees.
Desay has integrated western cultural behaviors of objective oriented, standard rules and being precise with Chinese cultural factors such as people-oriented, team work and harmony and formed a unique corporate culture and working style. This has enable us to train a group of competent managers who are familiar with both Chinese and Western cultures. Many of our middle and senior managers are from renowned international companies and universities.


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