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Service tenet
“Customer oriented and creating value for customers” has always been the service principle of Desay for the long term sustainability of the company. This is also the core basis for the healthy and stable development of the company. After more than 30 years of experience, we have established comprehensive customer service capabilities through strategic planning, R&D support, product realization, delivery and services that are centered on customer requirements. With the synergy effect of design, development and manufacturing and others to provide services to customer, we are able to create values for customers for mutual growth and development.
Until now, Desay has served many renowned customers both in China and the globe and has supported them to achieve remarkable performances in the market and thus obtained excellent reputation in the market. Looking forward into the future, Desay will continue to instill the cooperate culture with the core values “Diligence and Integrity, Open and Sharing, Innovation and Efficiency” to enhance organizational and personal competence so as to provide better services based on customer needs and thus creating values for customers and grow together with our customers.



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© 2016 Desay Corporation. All Rights Reserved.粤ICP备09052355号 Powered by