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Corporate culture
  • Cultural idea

    “Desay has long upheld the principle of “Pursuing the Excellence, Challenging the Limits”, which manifests Desay people's everlasting efforts and pragmatic goal of Desay and its staff. Harboring gr...

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  • Cultural Life

    Colorful Afterwork Activities
    In more than 20 years of operation, going through the process of starting-up, development and expansion, Desay Corporation has formed its unique and special chara...

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  • Media for Culture

    “Desay” News and “Desay People” Wechat Public Account are important carriers of Desay corporate culture. Through integrated form of paper media and internet new media, “Desay” News and “Desay P...

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  • Song of DESAY

    东江奔流南海欢 唱德赛用真诚拥抱八方 人才辈 出步伐 坚定德赛与世界共成长 追求卓越 挑战极限 德赛是民族工业的栋梁...

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© 2016 Desay Corporation. All Rights Reserved.粤ICP备09052355号