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Jiang Jie

DESAY Corporation Chairman CEO

Gathering Strength and Striving Forward to Become an International Leading Company with Core Competitiveness

Things change, stars move, and the new year comes. During this occasion, I would like to, on behalf of the Party Committee, Board of Directors and management team of Desay Corporation, express our heartiest thanks and best wishes to every Desay people, relevant authorities, partners, customers and friends who have exerted care and support to us. Wish you all a happy new year and all the best!

Reviewing 2017, we were faced with great changes of the era, global economic uncertainty and the new normal of China's economy. Under the correct leadership of Huizhou municipal party committee and the municipal government and the support of the municipal state-owned assets supervision and administration and other relevant departments, Desay made excellent achievements and embarked on a new journey by implementing and sticking to the core value of "diligence and integrity, open and sharing, innovation and high efficiency", with the responsibility-taking and progress-making by the management team at all levels and the efforts and struggle of all Desay people.

In 2017, we firmly kept the faith, focused on the industry and achieved new development at a new starting point. Based on the new platform of 20 billion yuan in scale, over one billion yuan of profits, and one billion of tax paying in 2016, we adhered to the operating tactics of "focusing on the core, driving with innovation, and giving priority to performance”, unceasingly strengthened managers' sense of mission and responsibility consciousness, and aroused the enthusiasm and creativity of team at all levels to forge ahead with concerted efforts. Over the past year, Desay Corporation has gained faster increase of revenue and steady rise in profits, further consolidated development foundation, further optimized the business structure, continuously increased industry status and influence, greatly improved the rate of asset securitization, and strode on a path of sustainable development with typical industrial character.

In 2017, Desay SV successfully got listed in A-share market, formulating Desay’s new structure with two listed platforms and two core industries. On December 26th, 2017, the bell for Desay SV’s (stock code:002920) IPO was rung in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, signaling the arrival at the milestone and embarking on a new journey, evidenced by common expectation and good wishes. Desay SV’s successful IPO demonstrated operation team and all staff’s continuous efforts and struggle, corporation’s firm faith and confidence on making great efforts and achieving excellent results from the beginning to the end, and the trust and support of our customer and society. The very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment. Desay everlastingly adheres to the belief in giving back to society with business operation, deeply develops electronic information industry, maintains strategic concentration, grasps strategic opportunity, and insists on capital layout planning and injecting strong impetus for industry development. The formation of two industrial listed platform of Desay Battery (000049) and Desay SV (002920) establishes the cornerstone for Desay’s future development.

In 2017, Desay has preliminarily formulated a joint industrial fleet with automotive electronics and new energy battery gaining great momentum, and other industries progressing and developing collaboratively. Having been focusing on the development of the industry and exertion of the main channel, over the past year, all industries have enlarged the business layout, strengthened industrial synergy, and continuously increased momentum of growth and conglomeration. Automotive electronics industry concentrated on providing innovative, smart, and competitive automotive electronic products and services for customers. While maintaining its competitive advantage in multimedia, it focused on the development and layout of intelligent driving, virtual instrument, car displays and other new business, becoming as the head of China's automotive electronics field. The new energy battery industry firmly promoted operative reform and management, accelerated the expansion of new customers, new businesses and new projects, and achieved positive results. It grasped the intensity and pace of strategic input, continuously made layout in new energy power battery business, and strove to build up new competitive advantage. Strategic OEM industry accelerated business transformation, continuously increased the ODM business, and the smart wearable shipment doubled.The precision parts industry adhered to the business focusing and continuously optimized the customer structure.The integrated circuit industry sped up technological innovation and market development, and has gained recognition from key customers and investors. The new energy business of the automation equipment industry grew rapidly, and gradually established its influence in the industry. The optoelectrics industry expanded the promotion in overseas market and obtained customer's praise and recognition.

In October 2017, the 19th CPC National Congress was held. Our socialism with Chinese characteristics went into a new era, and the social principal contradiction changed. China's development has turned into a new historical orientation, posing new requirements to the reform of state-owned enterprises. The real economy was placed in a more important position, and new energy vehicles and artificial intelligence has been the trend of the time. All these have suggested that 2018 is a new starting point, not just for Desay, but for manufacturing industry as a whole.

During the Strategy Workshop in November, considering the changes in internal and external situation, Corporation has revised future strategic objectives and key measures. We will continue the pursuit of excellence, challenge ourselves to become a world-leading enterprise with core competitiveness. Standing at a new starting point, embarking on a new journey, we will keep the strategic concentration, courageously grasp the opportunity, bravely forge ahead, and we are determined to pursue quality operation and growth, and lay solid foundation for the realization of the strategic objectives.

In 2018, we will strive to build the talent system, promote overall development, take efforts day by day to build Desay into a cause platform for staff and enterprise to make joint struggle, develop together and enjoy shared values. Desay, embodies shared dream and hope of all staff, and bears our common cause and mission. After the goal is set, talent wii be the decisive factor. To conform to the new situation, we should set out to build up top-level design of talent strategy system, construct and optimize competitive human resource system and mechanism adapting to the practice of Desay and future development in three years. We will strengthen the construction of mid-and-senior management team members and echelon of talents at all levels, and intensify the cultivation and empowerment of young cadres to create a lively atmosphere with talents emerging in multitude. Embracing deepening reform, we will encourage qualified industries to carry out employee stock ownership, so that more talents can share the dividends of enterprise development and muster up stronger forces for better development.

In 2018, we will implement the“Ten Billion Project”(i.e. to invest one or more billion yuan in R&D, fixed asset, equity M&A and so on) with high standards, and promote the core competitiveness with "dual-wheel drive of combination of production and finance. On the basis of keeping endogenous growth as the main driving force of Desay’s development, we shall pay close attention to cooperation and acquisition opportunities having strong correlation with core industries. In the focused strategic area, we will devote more energy and resources to new businesses and projects that meet the development direction, and build leading edge and competitiveness for the future. Focusing on four core competencies including technological innovation, industrial manufacturing, customer service and capital operation, we will continue to strengthen input and continuously improve our competitive edge, so as to lay a good foundation for future development.

In 2018, we will adhere to the principle of product in the leading position, promote management reform, and continue to explore potential and reduce consumption, achieving better quality, higher efficiency and more sustainable development. Quality is the root of survival. We shall continue the improvement and realize unity of knowing and doing, rendering the spirit of "craftsman" being the soul of desay. Customer projects and products as an important form of future enterprise business operations, we will actively yet prudently proceed various management reform projects including Amoebas pilot management, continuously improve the level of operation and management, surrounding efficiency and benefit. We will go on exploring improvement efficiency of the whole factor in people, wealth, things and others, continuously reduce the cost and improve efficiency, and build up our cost competitive advantage.


This is a time full of challengs, and a time with great promise. Our cause is thriving, our goal in sight. "There is no higher mountain than people, and no longer road than feet". Facing the future, I hope that all the employees of Desay are united and forge ahead together with shared dream, do things down-to-earth and jointly create a better tomorrow!



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