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On Feb. 3, DESAY held 2018 Excellent Award Ceremony and Innovation Forum with the theme “learning from the best and creating leading performance” at Huizhou TV studio. The ceremony has commended Excellent Team, Top Ten Staff, Excellent Staff, and teams and individuals who won Technology Innovation Award, Lean Production Award and Marketing and Brand Award.

On Feb. 9, DESAY annual Operational Management Conference was held at Desay Building .

On March 8, DESAY Amoeba business model training and launch conference was held in Desay SV, signaling the formal promotion of Amoeba operation in Desay.

On March 19, CHEN Liangxian, Deputy Governor of Guangdong Province, visited DESAY and encouraged DESAY to invest more in innovation R&D to achieve greater development.

On April 9, “Huizhou Desay Industrial Co. Ltd.” changed the registration as “DESAY Corporation”, marking the successful completion of the set goal of deepening reform and another significant milestone in DESAY's development history.

In April, President JIANG Jie published the article “Corporate Culture is the Original Driving Force for DESAY’s Sustainable Development”. Based on over thirty years’ of development and the core values, Mr. JIANG promoted DESAY’s “Five Cultures”--- Dedication Culture, Integrity Culture, Synergy Culture, Innovation Culture, and Performance Culture.

On May 11, FAN Dianyuan, academician and his delegations from the Chinese Academy of Science visited Desay SV.

On May 12, 2018 DESAY Day event and the 9th Staff Sport Event Opening Ceremony of DESAY Corporation was held at Huizhou Gymnasium,themed as “faster, higher and stronger”.

On May 29, the unveiling ceremony of Huizhou Desay SV Intelligent Transportation Technological Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ITTI”) was held, marking the layout of previous R&D in the field of intelligent connected vehicle (ICV).

On June 11, the signing ceremony of capital increment agreement for Shenzhen Shenzhen Desay Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd at Desay Building. Desay Microelectronics successfully introduced 80 million Yuan of fund investment.

On June 15, DESAY Corporation’s third Development Talents Class Graduation Ceremony was held at Desay Building. From January 2016 to June 2018, 39 selected development talents went through two phases of cultivation including culture and code and management training. 33 out of them completed the courses.

From July 26 to 27, DESAY Corporation mid-year Operational Management Conference was held. President JIANG Jie made the theme report—“Five Cultures”is the Spiritual Driving Force Leading DESAY’s Sustainable Development in the New Era. Based on the analysis of over thirty years’ of development and cultural construction, Mr. JIANG stated the connotations of the “Five Cultures”, which shows the systemic thinking about DESAY’s corporate culture construction in the new era.

On August 7, President JIANG Jie led the management team of Desay SV to visit Economic Development Board of Singapore and NTU (Nanyang Technological University) to further the cooperation.

On September 10, Desay SV held the opening ceremony of Desay SV College. Chairman CHEN Chunlin is the Chairman of the College.

From October 25 to 26, Desay Corporation held 2018 Strategy Workshop to reach consensus on the strategic goals of the corporation and industries, and arouse strong positive energy for promoting DESAY’s cause development.

On November 1, Desay SV signed agreement with Tencent on the IOV TAI open platform press conference of Tencent, being one of the the first batch of partners with this platform.

On November 28, Desay SV held the groundbreaking ceremony for integration and industrialization of automotive electronics mobile connectivity technology project, automotive electronics intelligent connected technology R&D center construction project and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Base in Huinan Industrial District, Huizhou City.

On December 13, President JIANG Jie was re-elected as the Chairman of the “Two Associations” of Huizhou Enterprises on the assembly of Huizhou Enterprises Joint Association and the second (general election) general meeting of Huizhou Entrepreneurs Association.

On January 13th, Desay Corporation held Excellent Award Ceremony and Spring Festival Annual Cultural Show themed as “Better Development with Strategy and Innovation” at Jiangbei Conference Center.

On January 20th, Desay Corporation annual Operational Management Conference was held at Desay Building.

On Feb. 21th, BNET passed the audit of Volkswagen, signifying that BNET formally enters VW’s global supply system.

On April 22th, Desay Corporation held the Manufacturing Strategy workshop themed with “cultivating manufacturing talents”.

From May 9th to 10th, QC/T automotive camera standard workshop was hosted by automotive electronics and electromagnetic compatibility branch technical committee of National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization and organized by Desay SV in Huizhou.

On May 13th, 2017 Desay Day event was held at Desay Building themed as “Accelerating Globalization and Striving for New Journey”.

On May 26th, Desay SV and Tencent Automotive Services reached strategic cooperation agreement in Huizhou, focusing on close cooperation in automotive intelligence program.

On June 7th, Desay SV has launched its first intelligent cabin concept based on driving scenarios at CES Asia 2017. In the afternoon, Desay SV reached strategic cooperation with Baidu to jointly create special calculating platform mass production supporting driver-less car.

From June 13th to 15th, Huizhou Products (Mexico) Exhibition was held in the Exhibition Center of Mexico city. Desay Corporation demonstrates its brand products and won the hearts of customers and visitors.

From June 22th to 24th, the 1st Chinese College Hi- Tech Fair was held in Huizhou. President JIANG Jie addressed in the opening ceremony. Desay SV signed cooperation agreement with Southeast University.

On July 18th, Desay Corporation mid-year Operational Management Conference was held in Desay Building. Junior and Senior managers signed the Commitment of Desay Junior and Senior Managers and pledge to harbor appreciation and reverence to take responsibility and strive forward continuously.

On July 31th, LIANG Zhenying, Vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee and former chief executive of the Hong Kong special administrative region, visited Desay SV to investigate on innovation and development of enterprises.

On August 18th, the second international new energy and smart car competition of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was launched. Shenzhen Desay Industrial Institute organized the opening ceremony and the Competition in Shenzhen.

On August 21th, Desay SV and CHJ Automotive signed strategic cooperation framework agreement, planning to make in-depth exploration in various aspects including synergy R&D and prospective research.

In September, Desay Automation was identified as Guangdong Province New Energy Battery Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center.

From September 29th to October 1th, Guangdong Huizhou Products (Fuzhou) Exhibition was held in SICEC (Fuzhou strait international convention and exhibition center). Desay’s creative smart products showed in the Exhibition.

On Nov. 15th, Ms. Maria Ferraro,CFO of Simens in Britain, and Mr. Miguel-Angel Lopez, CFO of Siemens Digital Factory Group, visited Desay SV to further bilateral cooperation in Industrial 4.0.

On Nov. 16th, SUN Jiadong, a meritorious scientist known as China’s "Father of Beidou", the chief designer of China’s lunar probe project, and an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited Desay SV to know in details and guide the innovative research and product application of Beidou technology in Desay SV.

In November, Desay SV was listed in the key enterprises database of Guangdong province intellectual property rights protection.

From Nov. 23th to 24th, Desay Corporation held 2017 Strategy workshop and raised the conception of “Ten Billion Project”(i.e. to invest one billion yuan in R&D, fixed asset, equity M&A and so on).

On Dec. 25th, CHEN Yiwei, secretary of Huizhou municipal party Committee, led the team to investigate Huizhou entity economic development in Desay, and offered congratulations on Desay SV’s IPO.

At 9:25am on Dec. 26th, the bell for Desay SV’s (stock code:002920) IPO was rung in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. HU Jianbin, member of the standing committee of the communist party of China, and executive vice-mayor of Huizhou, held the Bell Ringing Ceremony with other leaders.

On January 22th, Desay Corporation held Excellent Award Ceremony and Spring Festival Annual Cultural Show at Jiangbei Conference Center with the theme “Further Reform with Innovation”.

On January 29th, Desay Corporation annual Operational Management Conference was held at Desay Building.

On March 14th, Desay Corporation Annual Technology Innovation Achievements Forum and Commendation Conference for 2015 was held.

On March 30th, 2015 Desay Corporation Marketing Commendation Conference was held.

On April 27th, Chen Yiwei, Party Secretary of Huizhou Municipal Party Committee, highly commended that Desay is a model enterprise of Huizhou to promote innovation as the drive for development during his visit to Desay SV.

On May 14th, 2016 Desay Day event was held at Desay Building with study report sharing with the theme “Learning from Huawei and Striving for Our Dream”.

On May 31st, He Zhongyou, Deputy Governor of Guangdong Province, visited Desay SV during his visit to Huizhou city and encouraged Desay to maintain the competitive advantage of “good quality products and high operating efficiency”.

On July 11th, Yuan Baocheng, Deputy Governor of Guangdong Province, visited Desay and commended highly on Desay’s self-innovation capability.

On July 15th, Desay Corporation mid-year Operational Management Conference was held.

On July 28th, Yan Juanqi, Vice Chairman of NPC, visited Desay and encouraged Desay to excel in full potential of enterprises and accelerate the transformation of our innovation achievements into products.

From October 25th to 26th, Desay Corporation held 2016 Strategy Workshop with the emphasis on defining a strategic plan with clear goals and strong execution.

On November 18th, Desay SV Automotive held its 30th Anniversary Celebration and launched its 2nd Science and Technology Fair.

On November 24th, Desay signed the contract to establish Desay IoT Innovation and Application R&D base in Tonghu Ecological and Intelligent Zone.


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