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Desay has established joint-ventures and cooperation with international companies since its foundation. Such successful experience helps shape Desay’s inclusive and open corporate culture. In more than thirty years, Desay has started joint-ventures and cooperation with world renowned companies like Philips, Siemens VDO, GE, Radio Shack, Merix, Huiya, Solectron, Toshiba, Hong Kong Gold Peak and etc. and many of them have been the leaders in the industry.

In the process of cooperating with our international partners, we adopt the principle of “cooperate openly with integrity and progress together in a win-win manner”. By adopting advanced manufacturing technologies and modern management processes, we work closely with our partners to continually upgrade our cooperation and trade, expanding market in sync with strengthening our fundamentals and this has yielded excellent results. In the future, we will continue to broaden our cooperation with international renowned companies and enhance strategic partnership to establish a group of highly competitive Chinese enterprises internationally.



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© 2016 Desay Corporation. All Rights Reserved.粤ICP备09052355号 Powered by