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Shenzhen Desay Battery Technology Joint-stock Company is a public company listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and stock symbol:000049. It is a shareholding company which respectively holds 75% of Huizhou Blueway Electronic Co., Ltd and Huizhou Desay Battery Co.,Ltd. The business of the company is majorly laid out on the lithium-ion battery industry chain. The major business of Desay Battery is the pack of small Lithium-ion. The Blueway Electronic ran the business of small lithium-ion battery protection board, and the business of the second subsidiary company-Blueway New Energy Co.,Ltd is battery management system, battery system pack and energy storage system.
Blueway New Energy products display
  • First Generation BMS


    Master-slave structure, BMU(battery monitor unit) has four different models with 24S, 36S, 48S and 60S.
    With CAN and RS485 communication.
    With relay to control the high voltage loop circuit, detection to total current and working current of the pack, estimation of SOC and detection to AI/DI/DO signal.
    95% automotive-grade components.
    With active and passive equilibrium function.

  • All-in-one BMS


    Centralizing structure and all-in-one designed BMS can be divided to two functions—battery control and battery detection.
    Combining data acquisition unit and mastering units on PCB can efficiently save cost.
    Based on ISL94212, AIO BMS has three different types—24S, 36S and 48S to meet the various voltage(series) requirement.


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